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Change of Opening Hours

NHS England deal with changes to pharmacy opening hours. You cannot currently submit a change of hours notification in PCSE Online.

If you need to advise your NHSE regional team about a change of opening hours, click the tile below to select the form appropriate to your change. You can choose from the following:

  • Annex 1 - Notification of opening hours on bank and public holidays
  • Annex 2 - Application to change core opening hours
  • Annex 7 - Notification of changes to supplementary opening hours
  • Annex 14 - Unplanned temporary suspension of services
  • Annex 15 - Planned temporary suspension of service

Download and complete the form and send it to your NHSE regional team. You can find the contact details of your NHSE regional team by clicking on the tile below.  


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Change of Opening Hours
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