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Integrated Care Boards (ICB)

PCSE is responsible for delivering Primary Care support services on behalf of NHS England and has been providing these services to Primary Care Contractors and Commissioners since 2015.


Integrated Care Board webinar clips

We recently hosted a number of webinars to discuss each of the PCSE services in detail, along with covering the specific actions within each of the processes that ICBs will be responsible for. You can now watch the recordings of the webinars on our YouTube channel using the links below or to play all, and save the playlist, click the image to the right!

The services we manage at PCSE

The services we deliver are complex and the end to end processes often involve multiple systems and organisations. The majority of these services are managed digitally. Click on the tiles below to find out more about the responsibilities ICBs will be responsible for managing for the practices and performers in their geographical area:


Contract Variation and Adjustments

Adjustments to payment schedules need to be made using a contract variation spreadsheet.

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Uploading SOLO pension contributions

If you have GPs working under a contract for service then you need to upload pension contributions data to PCSE Online.

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QOF Figures

Search for a practice in your area and view their Quality and Outcomes Framework aspirational and achievement figures.

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Review and approve practice claims

You can easily review, approve, adjust or reject all practice claims for premises and locum cover costs via the PCSE Online.

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View and set APMS/PMS baselines

Commissioners can view the payment history for a practice on PCSE Online and use the previous year’s figures to set a new practice baseline.

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Manage Optional Services

If you have received a request from a practice in your area to remove an optional service that they are registered to provide, you can now log in to PCSE Online and do this with ease.

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User Management Guide for Commissioners

Guidance for creating, deactivating and amending user roles can be found in this guide along with the PCSE Online role descriptions.

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Commissioners Guide for Performers List Administration

This is a dedicated page for Commissioners to access user guides for PCSE Online Performers List services.

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Special Allocations Scheme (SAS) Patients

Here you will find the most common FAQs around patient removals including what will happen if a SAS patient tries to register at a practice.

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Practice Mergers and Closures

Completed Practice Mergers and Closures notification forms should be sent to the NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) Regional Local Team (RLT) in the first instance for sight and confirmation of any proposed/planned changes. The form, further information and FAQs can be found here.

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GMS, A/PMS and PMS Contract Changes

The 'Contract Change Request' template should be sent by the Commissioner and you can find this here along with the 'Stop Instructions' email template for when any current recurring payments need ceasing.

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PCN Payments

To help users to navigate this new process on PCSE Online we have created a dedicated web page here.

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Where can I find additional information on the ICB changes?

NHSE general information on ICB changes can be found here and here.

For information regarding changes across digital systems and services for CQRS National and CQRS Local, please see Integrated Care Boards - CSU Collaborative (cqrs.nhs.uk)