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Coming September 2023


The new look PCSE website

with improved navigation and an enhanced search experience. 


Screenshot showing Home page of new look PCSE website

You don't need to do anything to access the new website, once it is live you will see the changes. If you don't see the updated website by the start of October, we recommend you clear your browsing history, restart the browser and visit pcse.england.nhs.uk

If you have any pages bookmarked, we advise you to check these links and resave if necessary.

Look and feel

We have focused on improved navigation for users and the search facility will use updated technology, making it easier for you to find what you need, whether that be content, news or frequently asked questions.  

The new design follows the NHS Digital Service Manual guidelines and is now visually consistent with other NHS websites. 


Learning from NHS Digital Design guidelines and best practice, we have used navigational features to make it easier for users to move around the website. Where possible, we have grouped pages together by service line and you can use the contents list at the top of related pages, or the Previous or Next navigation arrows at the bottom to move between pages.

Contents list at the top of a group of related pages Previous and Next page navigation at the bottom of a group of related pages


Icons, like the ones below, are used consistently throughout the website, where there is additional support, information or other resources available. 

    Calendar Contact us Form FAQ    
    Log in User guide Video Web link    



Another new feature is the Resources section, where users will find all the guides, forms, video links and information grouped by service line. The resources in each section are also available on the relevant service line pages.

Continuous Improvement

Thank you for your feedback on the PCSE website. We will continue to make improvements throughout 2024. To help us to do this, across the website you will find feedback stars at the bottom of the page. You can use these to tell us about the information on that page and your experience of using the website.